New Death Threat Gets Abigail Hernandez Kidnapper New Charges [photo]

Jul 30, 2015

The jailed kidnapper of NH teen Abigail Hernandez is already facing hundreds of charges in her months-long brutal detention, but now he’s facing additional charges, after issuing death threats against the lead female prosecutor. 

“Crazy Nate” Kibby, 35, was indicted last week on new criminal counts when he was overheard threatening to harm New Hampshire’s assistant attorney general, Jane Young.

Abby Hernandez abductor "Crazy Nate" Kibby

Those counts are separate from the 200+ he has already pled not guilty to in connection with his October 2013 abduction of Abby Hernandez when she was walking home from her Conway NH school.

The missing girl’s name and ordeal is widely known now because she was the subject of a massive 9-month multi-state search, which ended only when she mysteriously returned home one day in a frail and traumatized condition.

Then, less than a week later, she bravely named career criminal Nathaniel Kibby as the man who had kidnapped and cruelly detained her at his mobile home for almost a year.

Attorney Young declined to comment on Kibby’s pending trial regarding the unprecedented abduction and abuse, nor the handful of new felonies and misdemeanors filed against him for issuing death threats on her life.

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