New Mom of Unwanted Baby Chose Abandonment Over Safe Surrender (photo)

Dec 8, 2015

California’s Safe Surrender law allows mothers to promptly give up their unwanted newborns to designated agencies, but that’s not what one woman chose to do… 

Porche Washington, 33, reluctantly gave birth to a healthy infant girl on November 23rd at a local hospital.

A few days later, Washington crammed the poor child into a pothole on a bike-path not far from her home in Compton.

Passersby walking the route that very same evening thought they heard “a cat” howling at first, before realizing it was a baby crying in distress.

Police were called and assisted the Good Samaritans in a desperate search to locate the obviously panicked infant.

New Mom of Unwanted Baby Chose Abandonment Over Safe Surrender (photo)

She was finally found “buried alive” and “cold to the touch” in an area of broken pavement, then rushed to an emergency room where her condition remains stable.

Investigators were eventually able to connect Porche Washington to the disturbing crime because her daughter still had the hospital blanket she had been released with on Thanksgiving day.

Medical staff there have indicated they were aware when Washington arrived in labor that she “did not want to deliver the baby,” and suspected she had “hid” her pregnancy from family, friends and neighbors.

The negligent new mom was finally arrested December 3rd for criminal abandonment, endangerment, attempted murder and child abuse; charges which could see her imprisoned for life if convicted.

It’s not clear yet if the accused woman knew about California’s 72-hour Safe Surrender statute, but the doctors and nurses who delivered her unwanted infant surely did.

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