Is Bill Cosby a Serial Rapist?

Mar 7, 2015 - 0 Comments

Dozens are calling Bill Cosby a serial rapist now, with startling accounts of sexual assault dating back decades into the celebrated performer’s past.  

Today, like the accused, some of these women are aged themselves, keeping their dark secret for 40 or 50 years before finally having the courage to come forward.

Others are simply more mature, compared to the starry-eyed girls they were not so long ago when they too fell prey to what appears to be a calculating rapist’s long-established pattern of abuse.

Cosby date rape

Trust and drugs is at the core of every rape allegation Cosby is constantly shrugging off. But the credibility of such accusations lies in the fact that, despite his alleged victims being strangers to each other, all are accusing the seemingly trustworthy celebrity of the very same thing: betraying their adoration in order to victimize them.

As well, each one states he did so by employing one identical strategy: drugging their food or beverages when they weren’t looking.

Date rape drugs no laughing matter

They’re known as date rape drugs these days, but in Bill Cosby’s youth they might have just been called “Mickeys” or some other similarly innocuous-sounding nickname.

Whatever the slang, they’re hardly harmless, and in some cases have caused potentially-lethal overdoses and, worse, death.

Attitudes about rape have changed over the decades, but even a half-century ago just once “slipping a Mickey” into a woman’s drink, or giving her a knockout pill she’s been told is merely an aspirin, still demonstrated profound criminal intent.

So, if it’s true that the beloved but embroiled comedian routinely resorted to such means of obtaining sex from women he knew wouldn’t otherwise consent, it begs the question now, is Bill Cosby a serial rapist? And has he ever killed somebody in the act?



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