Missing Malaysian Plane: Top 5 Conspiracy Theories

Mar 7, 2015 - 0 Comments

Missing Malaysian plane Flight 370 has now been gone without a trace exactly one year, and without ever issuing even one distress signal before suddenly falling off radar.  

As a result, from stealthy cyber-perps to stealth missiles, 5 top conspiracy theories have emerged to explain its uncanny disappearance.

1. MH370 hijacked

The theory that Malaysia Flight 370 was forcibly landed on some remote airstrip is a fairly credible one, since there are at least 600 alternate landing sites it could have been safely rerouted to by sophisticated hijackers or even a turncoat pilot.

The only question this doesn’t neatly answer is: What happened to all the passengers?

2. MH370 caught fire

It isn’t uncommon for an aircraft to catch fire and a couple of such blazes have reportedly not just destroyed vital instruments like flight controls and recorders, but entire planes themselves.

Trapped midair in an inferno, with oxygen being rapidly depleted by flames, if this is what occurred on Flight 370, it would have been a swift and significant disaster.

3. MH370 shot down

If indeed Malaysia’s Flight 370 was shot down by rogue factions or a despot leader’s military, then it and its hapless passengers joined the ranks of others who met with similar misfortune.

Here, the shooting down of Iran Air Flight 655 in 1988 comes to mind, as well as that of KAL 007 five years earlier. It’s also noteworthy that Malaysian Air Flight 17’s subsequent ground-to-air bombing over the Ukraine happened only a few short months after its sister-plane 370 completely disappeared.

The difference being, of course, that MH17 had a debris field many miles wide in circumference. With corpses.

4. MH370 cyber attacked

Even some acclaimed scientists speculate that a skillful hack attack into a plane’s numerous computer systems could divert it elsewhere from its planned flight path, or, if destruction was the prime objective, crash it on land or into the ocean.

Either way though, no one has ever seen the missing Malaysian plane again, not even one tiny piece of wreckage.

5. MH370 swallowed by black hole

Still mysteriously unaccounted for, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 may as well have been sucked into a black hole or captured by aliens, although colorful theories of this nature are considered by most to be “highly improbable.”

On the other hand, no one has yet adequately explained why scores of vessels have vanished in the Bermuda Triangle, either.


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