Jihadi Johnny 'Sorry'

Mar 9, 2015 - 0 Comments

Jihadi Johnny -- aka Mohammed Emwazi -- has apologized to his folks for forcing them into hiding on account of his barbaric role in terrorist beheadings. 

The recent discovery that Emwazi was the English-speaking masked man in videotaped killings of ISIS captives has brought great shame on his family, plus a real fear of vigilante retaliation.

Communicating to his British-Kuwaiti parents through an unnamed third party, Emwazi, 26, begged forgiveness for the “problems and trouble the revelation of his identity has caused” them.

Jihadi JohnnyNoticeably missing from that private mea culpa, however, was any remorse for the heinous acts he’s committed against other families.

Initially, Emwazi’s father denied that the hooded ISIS hatchet man shown gloating and ranting in beheading videos was his son, insisting there was “no proof” despite colleagues of Jihadi Johnny unequivocally stating it was indeed their former classmate.

Now, Mr. Emwazi says his extremely wayward progeny is “a dog, an animal, a terrorist” and he knows him not.



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