Facebook Friending Fatalities Trending Now

Mar 9, 2015 - 0 Comments

WARNING: Facebook friending can be fatal, especially when done while operating a motor vehicle. 

For this reason many U.S. states have completely outlawed the use of mobile devices while driving because chatting and texting behind the wheel are proving to be such deadly distractions.

That’s what 34-year-old Kari Jo Milberg from Wisconsin learned the hard way. Last year she crossed the yellow line and plowed into a truck while Facebook-messaging, the head-on accident instantly killing three of her young passengers -- an 11-year-old daughter and two 5-year-old nieces.

At the time, neither Milberg nor investigators could quite figure out what had happened to cause the multi-fatality collision, until many months later when snows had thawed and the woman’s missing cell phone was discovered still at the crash scene.

Facebook friending fatalities trending

She now faces three counts of vehicular manslaughter, a decade in prison, and huge fines for each one of the homicides she negligently perpetrated.

Social media maniac Milberg is just one of many whose brief moment of “driver inattention” resulted in calamity. Underscoring that, while the act of Facebook friending and tweeting on Twitter, or even just sending a playful text, may be a gratifying off-road activity, on the highways it’s the sure route to disaster.



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