Dead Woman’s Baby Saved by Ghostly Voice

Mar 10, 2015 - 0 Comments

Utah cops say a dead woman’s baby trapped all night in a partially submerged and overturned vehicle was saved only because a ghostly female voice beckoned them from inside the wreck for their immediate intervention. 

All four police officers who arrived on the scene of that single-car accident on the following morning of March 8, 2015, swear they distinctly heard a lady calling “help” a number of times, and when they inspected the interior of the heavily-damaged car were shocked to find a tiny child inside it still alive.

The 25-year-old mother unfortunately was long dead, they realized, and the little girl herself precariously hanging upside down in a safety seat with her face only a few inches from the ice-cold rushing water.

Yet by some miracle the child survived in that position for more than 14 hours.

The eerie voice of her invisible savior has also not been explained either, although many are now speculating that the supernatural speaker must have obviously been the ghost of the baby’s own dead but devoted mom.

supernatural news on Crime Magazine“The only people in there were the deceased mother and the child,” Officer Bryan Dewitt stated for the record, and “it wasn't just something that was just in our heads,” his colleagues also confirmed.

In fact, the unknown woman’s haunting cry for help was so plainly audible to every police officer present that they remember Officer Dewitt even answered back.

“We're trying, “ he assured, as they all frantically attempted to pry the vehicle doors open to rescue her. “We're trying our best to get in there.”

Eventually these men did manage to extricate the dead woman’s baby from the wreckage, and thereafter whisked her to the hospital, where she’s now said to be slowly recovering from her strenuous and truly strange ordeal.


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