Fraudster Paul Ceglia On the Lam

Mar 13, 2015 - 0 Comments

If anyone sees Paul Ceglia today tell him he’s not only wanted in court now, but by the U.S. Marshals too.  

Ceglia was to stand trial soon for potentially defrauding Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg of millions of dollars that, quite frankly, the social networking mogul probably wouldn’t even notice he was missing.

But this week, impetuous fraudster Ceglia seems to have tired of living under house arrest whilst awaiting the commencement of those proceedings, so the defendant took matters into his own hands by snipping off his ankle bracelet.

And now, making matters worse for himself, he, his family, and even the family dog, have up and disappeared.

It’s all a big mystery to his lawyer though, who somehow believes his client may be involuntarily AWOL.

"Everyone has been focused on him,” Robert Fogg Esquire acknowledges, “but our greatest concern is where are his wife and children?”

Confounded Fogg also would really like to know “if the marshals have dusted for prints or ruled out foul play."

Ceglia’s overwhelming legal woes center around a federal lawsuit he filed against Mark Zuckerberg in which he alleges that he gave the Facebook founder $1,000 start-up money when the now-billionaire CEO was but a wee lad at Harvard.

That modest investment was to be in exchange for a whopping 50-percent share in all the future profits, Paul Ceglia contends. However, his multi-million-dollar lawsuit was dismissed upon discovery that he’d created bogus email evidence.

That sleight of hand, in turn, led to Ceglia’s arrest and the pending prosecution for mail fraud and wire fraud which, if convicted of, could earn him up to 40 years in prison, instead of the easy millions he was hoping for.

Ceglia has pleaded innocent to those charges. Not that it matters, if nobody can ever find him again.

Authorities admit he could in fact be anywhere by now, since they aren’t able to pinpoint the exact moment he actually went missing.

Why is that? Because Ceglia rigged his electronic monitoring bracelet to make it appear from afar as though he was still wearing it in his Wellsville, New York home.

When, at last, it dawned on authorities that there was a strangely repetitive nature to the way Ceglia was moving around in his rooms, they paid the defendant an unannounced visit.

Nobody answered the doorbell, of course, since the home’s occupants had by then already fled, but investigators weren’t fully aware the place was empty yet, because they could hear a curious mechanical sound coming from inside it.

They returned the next day with a search warrant, and that’s when they discovered the source of the whirring noise -- Ceglia had attached his ankle bracelet to a small motorized contraption.

Also hiding in some undisclosed location at the moment is fraudster Ceglia's wife, Iasia, and his two young sons, Joseffinn and Leenan.



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