Skullduggery in Skull of Missing Businessman?

Mar 14, 2015 - 0 Comments

The skull of missing businessman John Glasgow, who suspiciously vanished seven years ago, has been found in a remote and rugged region of Arkansas.  

The State Crime Laboratory confirmed via dental records that the vital piece of skeletal evidence is indeed that of the long gone engineering executive.

Hikers accidentally stumbled upon it in March 2015 at an Arkansas state park located approximately 70 miles north of Little Rock.

Glasgow was 45 when he disappeared without a trace. His family has always believed skullduggery played a role in his inexplicable and uncharacteristic absence.

"We have always suspected foul play was involved and this discovery strengthens that belief," Roger Glasgow said. "If there is a perpetrator, we want him brought to justice."

Skull of missing businessman John Glasgow found

There was no visible damage to Glasgow’s skull, although authorities continue to scour the spot where it was found for other bones and clues.

That entire park had already been the subject of an extensive but unsuccessful search-and-rescue mission launched in January 2008 after cell-phone pings led investigators to John Glasgow's abandoned car.

The vehicle had been mysteriously left at one of the park’s gateway lodges.

Three years later, at the request of Glasgow’s widow Melinda, missing businessman John Glasgow was legally declared dead.

"Time has worn off some of the raw edges, but this sort of reopens the wound," Roger Glasgow added in his public remarks concerning the case breakthrough.

The Little Rock attorney is determined to pursue the matter once again, in hopes of finally solving Glasgow’s disappearance and obtaining belated justice for the dead man.



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