Fallen K9 Pepper Slain in Line of Duty

Mar 16, 2015 - 0 Comments

Fallen K9 “Pepper” died in the line of duty this winter when he was shot pursuing an armed-and-dangerous suspect on the border of Wise and Montague counties in the heart of Texas. 

The rookie Dutch Shepherd and his police handler had been called there to provide backup by Montague County sheriff's deputies and other assisting officers who were attempting to stop a man wanted on a number of arrest warrants.

The perp in question, recognizing he was surrounded, and in order to avoid capture, fled into a nearby wooded area where he then lay for awhile in hiding.

But when Pepper and accompanying lawmen finally approached the pile of leaves he had covered himself with, the subject opened fire on them.

police handout of fallen K9 "Pepper" slain in a gunfight

In that barrage of bullets the K-9 was fatally struck and five other officers instantly returned gunfire, killing the subject at the scene.

The deadly confrontation occurred near the intersection of Pickett Run Road and Aujla Road, not far from the town of Sunset, Texas.

Fallen K9 Pepper had served briefly but valiantly with the Wise County Sheriff's Office since late 2014.

His LODD case offers a shining example of the selfless heroics that all police dogs engage in daily, and which far too often result in their tragic deaths.



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