Bro Stabs Sis Calls 911

Mar 18, 2015 - 0 Comments

Another under-aged boy is in police custody for stabbing his little sister, although this time the victim didn’t die. 

Michigan authorities say they have detained and charged a 15-year-old this week who flew into a violent rage during a disagreement with his younger sister and tried to stab her to death with a three-inch blade.

He then called 911 to report he thought his injured sibling might be dying.

The girl, 13, is now being hospitalized for the “multiple wounds” she suffered “all over her body” during the savage attack.

Neither child’s name has been released because they are both minors.

Deadly domestic incidents committed by juveniles -- especially boys -- have been steadily increasing over the years, with many experts expressing concern that the unprecedented wave of youth violence is being caused by gory video games.

Leila Fowler murder

One of the cruelest of such cases was the murder of 8-year-old Leila Fowler by her then-12-year-old brother, Isaiah, during the spring of 2013 in California.

He is said to have stabbed his sister 21 times while their parents were out, then invented a story about a “muscular gray-haired man” breaking into the Fowler residence that day and killing Leila before escaping into the nearby woods.

The accused even went so far as to attend neighborhood prayer vigils for his brutally slain sibling, at these widely-attended events donning the face of a bereaved brother and carrying specially-made ribbons and balloons in her honor.

All this, while numerous law enforcement agencies joined in conducting a costly statewide manhunt for the girl’s fictitious killer.

Today 14, and jailed in a juvenile detention facility, Isaiah Fowler still awaits trial for the awful deed he’s believed to have planned and perpetrated.

Unfortunately, the youth isn’t being tried as an adult, however, and exactly how the latest homicidal brother will be charged for his attempted murder has not yet been determined either.


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