Why a Dead Chicken Crossed the Road

Mar 18, 2015 - 0 Comments

Essentially, the reason a dead chicken crossed the road in rural North Carolina was because it had been hung around the neck of a handcuffed 11-year-old boy. 

The disgusting event led to the arrest of the middle-aged caretaker of the traumatized child, and his 6 to 10-year sentence in prison where the misguided disciplinarian obviously belongs.

"There hasn't been a day when I haven't been remorseful," the world’s most coldhearted parent-perp, Dorian Harper, told the judge, as he pled guilty to three related felonies: child abuse, assault with a deadly weapon, and maiming without malice.

The boy he brutalized was just one of several other children in Harper’s filthy house who he routinely beat and deprived of food and sustenance.

The subhuman conditions they suffered there daily were to be presented to a jury at Harper’s trial this month for the dead chicken incident. But, at the last minute, he himself chickened out and entered a guilty plea instead.

Astonishingly, the 58-year-old defendant had a female accomplice -- his girlfriend, Wanda Larson, the victim's guardian and a Department of Social Services supervisor in Union County.

The original indictment against this terrible twosome found that the boy in question had been subjected to a host of extremely barbaric punishments, including being chained, cut in the face, and burned with electrified wire.

Four of his other child inmates, aged 7 to 14 and all adopted by Larson, were rescued from their hellhole after Harper and Larson were arrested.

Prosecutors insist the reason they agreed to accept a guilty plea instead of going to jury trial was merely so the battered kids wouldn’t be forced to relive their nightmare in court.

However, since judges, court-appointed lawyers and social service workers play the most pivotal role in the placement, periodic review, and adoption of such vulnerable indigents, then it’s far more likely the children were simply being prevented from telling the whole story.

It’s not clear at the moment where they have been alternatively housed, or if they were strategically separated.



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