Body in Lake: 2 Charged for Murder

Mar 19, 2015 - 0 Comments

A body in Lake Matthews, identified as missing person Donta Williams, has resulted in two of the dead man’s friends being charged with murder and a clumsy cover-up of the same. 

Williams, a 22-year-old Virginia resident, oddly disappeared on the evening of January 20, 2015 after attending a church event, and despite the intensive searches for him could not be found anywhere…

Until March 9th when a passerby noticed a corpse floating in the nearby lake.

Murdered man found in Lake was missing person Donta Williams

Days later, the county medical examiner determined it was Williams and that the young man had been slain, although no exact details of the nature of that killing have been officially released yet.

His murder is particularly tragic because he was very active in the community and extremely involved with the local church as well.

“He just loved everybody,” the victim’s brother Leon Williams says.

In fact,  friends and family say Donta Williams even aspired to becoming a pastor himself someday.

The duo of double-crossers arrested for his intentional killing are Kyle Lamar Purvis, 21, of Portsmouth, and Tremayne Laron Johnson, 25, of Suffolk.

They’ve each been charged this week with first-degree murder and related felonies, but their motive for the slaying and the reason why they chose to dump the body in Lake Matthews was not disclosed, pending continued investigations.

Many fiendish killers like Purvis and Johnson stupidly believe that throwing a dead person into freshwater will forever hide their wrongdoing.  However, even if a corpse has been heavily-anchored to the bottom, it can still explode to the surface during the gaseous process of decomposition.

Which is typically what happens.


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