#ALERT for missing student Anjelica Hadsell (photo)

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ALERT: Missing student Anjelica Hadsell has not been seen or heard from since March 2, 2015, and foul play is now suspected in her unusual disappearance. 
In the ongoing quest to find the college freshman, police began combing a remote coastal woodland in Chesapeake Virginia over the weekend. But they offered no other comment as to whether they believe the young woman is dead or alive.

"We're not taking anything off the table," a spokesperson for the Norfolk Police Department, who’s heading up the investigation, said, "We are trying to consider every possibility."

Those possibilities are getting stranger and grimmer day by day, as officials announced on March 22, 2015, that they arrested the missing teen’s stepfather on separate but related charges.

MISSING #ALERT: Anjelica Hadsell, 18, from Virginia

Wesley Hadsell, 36, was taken into custody following 15 hours of interrogation and amid broadly publicized statements he’d made earlier in the week about knowing “who has taken Anjelica.”

His detention came about after he was caught red-handed tampering with key evidence in the case. He now faces six criminal charges so far, four of which involve obstruction of justice, one for possessing ammunition after a felony, and another for breaking and entering.

Virginia’s newest inmate is no stranger to extended lockups, though. The felon has a lengthy criminal background and, if that doesn’t officially place him at the top of the suspect list in his stepdaughter’s disappearance, it definitely has on a number of social media sites.

For now though, felonious Wesley Hadsell is once more sitting in a jail cell, while Anjelica Hadsell’s other loved ones wait in fear of bad news.

They were the first to explore the marshy area currently being searched by police, but quickly notified authorities when they found several items there that they are convinced belong to the missing student.

Forensics teams arrived on the scene shortly after their report, and were later observed collecting evidence in brown paper-bags for further analysis.

Eighteen-year-old Anjelica Hadsell is about 5-feet-6 and 120 pounds. She was last seen driving toward her family’s Norfolk, VA home “with purpose” as a white four-door compact car was trailing close behind.

Anyone with information about what happened to her or her present whereabouts is asked to alert the Norfolk Police Department.


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