Alaska Family Remains Found

Mar 23, 2015 - 0 Comments

Police say Alaska family remains found on a hiking trail near Kenai likely belong to a couple and their two young children, suspiciously missing since Memorial Day. 

The remote site is less than two miles from the residence of the foursome whose sudden disappearance last year triggered a massive but unsuccessful manhunt.

Over the weekend someone driving on that scenic trail happened upon a few articles of clothing and, when they stopped to investigate, saw what appeared to be human remains strewn among them.

Police responding to the report of dead bodies in the wilderness further discovered a number of  personal items on the badly decomposed corpses which had come from the home of Rebecca Adams, 23, and her 38-year-old live in boyfriend, Brandon Jividen.

The area in question had already been extensively searched before.

Also found deceased beside the pair was Adam’s two daughters, 8-year-old Michelle Hundley and 3-year-old Jaracca Hundley. But the missing family’s dog “Sparks” -- said to have disappeared alongside them -- is still unaccounted for.

Relatives noted that when the Alaskan family of four and their pet first mysteriously vanished on May 27, 2014, they’d abruptly left without packing anything.

As well, the two vehicles Adams and Jividen each owned remained parked outside their rental unit in Kenai, and June’s rent, due only days later, didn’t get paid.

The city of Kenai Alaska is situated at the mouth of the Kenai River and is the state's most popular sport fishing destination. It has a population of about 7000 and is only some 60 miles south of Anchorage.

FBI officials are now expected to take over the investigation into the Alaska family remains found on Saturday, although positive identifications and autopsies are still pending.


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