French Soldiers Sodomized Refugee Boys

Apr 30, 2015

French soldiers charged with the duty of protecting refugee children in the war torn Central African Republic lured young boys with treats and pocket change so they could sodomize them instead. 

The sexual assault of untold numbers of destitute African minors was reported months ago to French officials by a whistleblower who has since been fired.

It isn't clear why the unidentified individual was removed from his position or if the move was retaliatory in nature, but the investigation into sexual misconduct allegations was kept hushed by the French government, until now.

In recent years, France has sent thousands of armed soldiers to its former African colony to protect defenseless civilians caught up in sectarian violence between warring Muslim and Christian factions.

That ongoing military operation was to be a mission of mercy, however, not an opportunity for uniformed pedophiles to prey upon displaced people’s under-aged sons and daughters.

One mother whose child was sodomized in exchange for bottled water explained that he and other youngsters like him were “vulnerable because they were hungry and their parents had nothing to give them, so the children were forced to ask the soldiers for food.”

She and her 9-year-old son have been stranded at a makeshift camp on an airport runway since 2013, when the current violence and bloodshed initially erupted causing tens of thousands of families to abandon their homes for safety.

The probe into the sexual abuse of refugee boys by so far unnamed French soldiers will continue unabated, a spokesman familiar with the criminal matter promises. But it does so now amid a growing scandal concerning the servicemen’s disgraceful conduct, as well as the secretive manner in which the case has been handled.

In the meantime, most of the perpetrators’ young victims are still living in the squalid refugee camps where they were victimized.


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