Taylor Clark Another Craigslist Statistic

May 7, 2015

The Craigslist “buyer” who slew Taylor Clark this week tried to hide the victim’s body in a wooded area close to the crime scene, then calmly went back to work nearby, police say. 

The 24-year-old suspect made arrangements with Clark, 19, via email to test-drive a car the unsuspecting college student had listed for sale on the popular website.

Their fatal rendezvous once more highlights the inherent dangers of online strangers who may not be who or what they say they are.

Clark was shot “just one time” by Michael Gordon, detectives report, and his corpse stashed in an area not far from the vehicle he’d hope to sell that day.

Although the motive behind this latest Craigslist crime has yet to be revealed, Clark’s killer has been charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action, suggesting the killing was not spontaneous.

The two apparently didn’t know each other prior to the deadly meeting, and no precautions had been taken on the part of Gordon’s victim to ensure the transaction wouldn’t go horribly wrong.

While the investigation into the death of Taylor Clark continues though, bogus car-buyer Michael Gordon is being held indefinitely at the St. Louis County Jail on a $1-million bond.

Police are asking for the public's assistance in finding the suspected murderer’s own vehicle now, a red 1990 BMW with Missouri license plate FL3Z9K.

Anyone with information on its whereabouts is urged to alert the Hazelwood Police Department at 314-513-5225.


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