Whole Foods Consumer Fraud Investigated by NY

Jun 24, 2015

Elite grocer Whole Foods consumer fraud violations number into “the thousands,” claims the number one consumer protection agency in New York. 

The state’s Department of Consumer Affairs is investigating the giant chain for routinely exaggerating package weights and thereby overcharging shoppers anywhere from a handful of dimes to a fistful of dollars -- per item.

Faddy food corporation Whole Foods has cornered the U.S. market for organic goodies and is already derided as “Whole Paycheck” by the majority of 99-percenters priced out of its posh isles. But to learn they’re actually guilty of over gouging customers now really takes the all-natural cake.

DCA says its agents tested 80 varieties of WF’s pricey prepackaged products and found that, in every single case, content weight had been grossly overstated on labels, leaving them to reasonably conclude there was no coincidence in the mislabeling and to pursue the supermarket shysters for fraud.

WF execs adamantly deny their not-so-clever sleights of hand are intentional; via an email to NY Daily News insisting they "disagree with the DCA's overreaching allegations” and are “vigorously defending” the latest claims against them.

Of course, those fighting words fail to acknowledge the estimated $800,000 in fines the state of California slapped the company with back in 2012, when outed in a similar probe for massive “pricing irregularities.”

That previous offense, coupled with new accusations of Whole Foods consumer fraud, probably accounts for their corporate shares falling 3-percent during this morning’s trading.


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