Jul 8, 2015

Police have found the drowned baby of a bridge-jumper who maliciously took the infant boy with him into the Connecticut River to spite the child’s mom, but who didn’t die himself. 

Officials have been searching in vain for 7-month-old Aaden Moreno since Monday when his father was rescued from the water, but the boy’s body was finally sighted by a passerby last night.

Tony Moreno, who is currently hospitalized and could in fact still die from the effects of a secondary drowning, was recently downgraded from serious to critical condition.

If he survives, however, he can expect to face murder and related charges for the premeditated killing of his young son.

Moreno and the slain baby’s mother were in a custody dispute, and an order of protection she requested for her and the child was wrongly denied by a Connecticut judge -- just days before the historically abusive suspect jumped from a bridge, in what was intended to be a double drowning.

Records show that Aaden’s mother Adrianne Oyola emphatically told the court that Moreno was a brutal domestic batterer who had further threatened to make their boy “disappear” if she attempted to escape from him.

Tragically, without judicial intervention and police protection, that is precisely what has happened here.


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