Is Madeleine McCann the Australian Dead Baby Doe Victim?

Jul 24, 2015

Skeletal remains of a toddler closely resembling missing girl Madeleine McCann in age and other aspects has been found in an abandoned suitcase this week in Australia. 

Police there are seeking the public’s help in identifying the corpse and believe the child “was murdered” and her body kept in the suitcase “for up to eight years” before being finally deposited at the side of a highway.

A suspect approximately 60 years of age was sighted in the area sometime prior to the faded luggage and its grisly contents being discovered by a passing motorist.

Like Madeleine McCann, the child was fair-haired and about two or three-years-old when she died, Australian investigators said, adding that dead Baby Doe was likely transported from place to place in the suitcase, based on the condition of her body and the date of her clothes.

For example, a dated "Dora the Explorer" purple shirt and red shorts were found with her skeletal remains, together with a black tutu, and one pink shoe.

Madeleine McCann’s unsolved kidnapping occurred at a populated resort in Portugal during the spring of 2007, and the missing girl is by now presumed to have been slain.

Australian authorities have not made any connection to that unsolved disappearance, nor ruled it out yet, but pleaded this week for help in solving their Baby Doe murder mystery:

"We want people to think back into the past, back to 2007 and the years in between,” a police spokesman has urged. “Think about little girls like this -- who lived near them, played near them, they may be related to -- and think about where those children are now…"

This case is developing; visit Crime Magazine again for further updates.

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