Missing Hiker was Likely Eaten by Bears (Yellowstone)

Aug 8, 2015

A missing hiker was likely eaten by bears when he accidentally wandered into an area of Yellowstone National Park where a group of grizzlies had been napping. 

Officials have not yet released a cause of death for the unidentified man, but confirmed that bear scat, fur, and grass depressions was noted in the vicinity of where his body had been found.

The evidence, discovered near Lake Village where the missing man had been exploring, strongly indicates he was the “rare” victim of a grisly grizzly attack.

The crime scene is close to a popular and well-traveled trail known as Elephant Back Loop and has been closed off while rangers conclude their investigation.

A spokeswoman for Yellowstone told reporters that the slain hiker was from Montana and also employed by the park.

He was reported missing by coworkers after not returning from a walk in the wild and then failing to show for work on Thursday.

Deadly encounters with bruins are relatively uncommon, experts claim, and, indeed, the park has had more collisions this year between bison and tourists.

So far, a handful of visitors have been gored in 2015 while encroaching on the horned herds, usually when attempting to take selfies with them.

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