Aug 14, 2015

Police in Alaska are searching for a man who wore a “very realistic” bear suit to harass an authentic bear and her two real cubs while the trio was salmon fishing this week. 

The incident happened on the banks of the Chilkoot River in an area the three bears like to frequent, said a spokesman for the Alaska Fish and Game agency.

Other witnesses gathered there to quietly observe the bruins and count fish during the annual salmon run said that someone dressed head to toe as a bear approached the animals and began lunging and shouting at them.

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A Fish and Game employee, who was already on the scene and tried to shepherd the bewildered beasts away from the costumed suspect, stated that the unidentified man had come within only a few feet of the sow’s young cubs.

Efforts at speaking with the individual to learn his identity and to glean what the motive was for his stupid crime proved futile and eventually the bear-suited perpetrator ran back to his vehicle.

“You have the license plate number, you figure it out," he reportedly yelled as he sped off still wearing the bearlike head of his costume.

Fish and Game officials have reported the potentially-dangerous confrontation to Alaskan state troopers who are now seeking to question the man for his stunt, and possibly charge him for harassing bears in their habitat.

The wildlife agent who watched Monday’s odd encounter remains at a loss to explain it, adding that the intervention he was required to perform so neither bear or bear-suited human would harm each other isn’t a standard duty.

“Our job is to count fish,” he said.

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