Bucharest Bar Blaze: Colectiv Death Toll and Arrests Climb - Romania

Nov 8, 2015

As Colectiv’s death toll rises, Romanian police have made another arrest for the Bucharest bar blaze that’s left hundreds of young people maimed and nearly four-dozen dead so far. 

District mayor Cristian Popescu Piedone was taken into custody this weekend on charges of corruption in the issuance of safety permits for a nightclub that fire inspectors have belatedly determined was anything but safe.

He had already resigned from office in the wake of the disaster and now joins three others who were arrested and charged earlier this month -- the club’s owners.

Bucharest Bar Blaze: Colectiv Death Toll and Arrests Climb - Romania

Detectives announced they’re also investigating whether municipal clerks, and even the pyrotechnics firm that sold the fireworks which set off highly-flammable materials inside the venue, should also be held criminally liable.

The heavy-metal band Goodbye to Gravity used these in their standing-room-only show on the evening of October 30th, igniting a fast moving blaze that caused about 500 bar patrons to stampede toward the only exit.

Half were trampled then trapped in the burning building and over 100 remain hospitalized today for trauma wounds, extensive burns, and smoke inhalation. At least 44 victims, including two band mates, died at the scene or later succumbed to their injuries.

But the Colective deathtrap sparked more than a deadly inferno: In its aftermath it’s prompted a sweeping corruptions probe that may see yet more affluent citizens jailed for deliberately placing profits over public safety.

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