Hunters Asked to Search for Body of Jamie Robertson, Missing in Mass.

Dec 1, 2015

Shown below, missing man Jamie Robertson was duped to his presumed death by two armed men impersonating probation officers. 

Hunters Asked to Search for Body of Jamie Robertson, Missing in Mass.

The 37-year-old has not been seen or heard from since January 1, 2014, when a pair of “constables” showed up at his house and convinced him to accompany them for a random “drug test.”

It quickly emerged that no such individuals had been sent for this purpose, but by then it was too late -- Robertson is believed to have been slain by the imposters and his corpse dumped in “a wooded area.”

By spring of the same year, investigators charged 46-year-old Scott Morrison of Norfolk and his cohort Alfred Ricci, 45 of Canton, with kidnapping James Robertson and for cop-impersonation.

A legitimate lawman accused of somehow supplying the duo with actual police badges, guns, holsters, handcuffs (and possibly even Robertson’s probation file) is also facing criminal charges.

Based on the above trios’ statements, Massachusetts officials suspect their victim may have been taken to the heavily-forested Blue Hills reservation where he was shot to death and his body hidden.

They are specifically asking those hunting in that area, and in similar terrain, this season to be on the lookout for human remains or other evidence, such as Robertson’s clothing.

After more than a year, the Robertson family accepts the likelihood that their long lost relative is dead, and is understandably desperate to finally bury him.

His mysterious missing persons case, and an abduction motive, is still being probed -- investigators urge anyone with information about it to contact them immediately at 781-830-4800.

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