WARNING: Amazon Hoverboard Explosion Destroys House (photos)

Dec 2, 2015

WARNING: A hoverboard purchased last month on Amazon turned into an incendiary device -- and a four alarm fire -- when an excited birthday boy flipped the switch on. 

Hoverboard Explosion Destroys House (photos)

Now, Jessica Lafitte of Louisiana says she intends to sue the manufacturer and possibly the online-retailer as well, since the destruction the $300 defective gift caused at her rental home goes well into the tens of thousands.

The inferno that Fit Turbo’s wonky hoverboard instantly created on November 20th when Lafitte’s 12-year-old son tried to take it for a test ride was “like fireworks” going off, she reports.

It ended up igniting the entire house “in only minutes” and, worse, burned so hot it was almost impossible to put out.

WARNING: Amazon Hoverboard Explosion Destroys House (photos)

“We lost our home to this horrific incident and all that we own,” Lafitte has posted on GoFundMe.

The incident is still under investigation, but, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, it isn’t the first time the coveted toy has either caused injuries requiring hospitalization or property damage.

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