Little Girl Hugged Her Killer Before Dying (photo)

Dec 5, 2015

PHOTO: A 7-year-old Michigan girl hugged her killer before he shot her to death and critically wounded her mom. 

EMMA WATSON: Little Girl Hugged Her Killer Before Dying (photo)

Emma Watson and her mother Sharon were just about to leave soccer practice on Thursday night when a 57-year-old male acquaintance approached their vehicle and gunned them both down.

Earlier that same evening, witnesses saw the young girl warmly greet gunman Timothy Obeshaw on the sidelines with “a hug.”

The suspect was a former live-in love interest of Sharon Watson, 37, who survived the unprovoked assault, although her daughter did not.

Detectives from the Taylor Police Department have since revealed that Tim Obeshaw -- who also shot himself at the scene -- was suffering from profound “mental illness” and “paranoid” delusions:

“Police found evidence that Obeshaw believed someone was trying to perform mind control on him,” they said in a written statement this week.


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