Unknown Man Struck By Truck: Can You Identify This Victim?

Dec 5, 2015

Houston officials are asking for the public’s help in identifying the below man, struck by a truck as he was in a Bellaire Boulevard crosswalk after dark on November 24th. 

Unknown Man #Struck By Truck: Can You Identify This Victim?He is tall, 200+ pounds, white-haired, and appears to be about 70 years of age.

Currently this elderly victim is being hospitalized at the Texas Trauma Institute at Memorial Hermann for numerous injuries he received in the accident.

His condition is listed as critical but stable, according to the doctors treating him there, but he has no identification papers and is “unable to communicate” with them.

The above photo was released by authorities in hopes that someone may recognize this patient. If so, please call 713-705-4000 immediately.

ALERT, Missing Persons



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