Body in Barrel Victim of a Homicide - Nebraska

Dec 7, 2015

Police are investigating a Nebraska farmer’s grisly find in a creek over the weekend as an “obvious” homicide. 

The Bayard man spied a 55-gallon drum bobbing in Red Willow Creek and, thinking he would repurpose the metal container as a burn-barrel, retrieved it from the water.

But when he unsealed his treasure he found a decomposing body crammed inside and immediately contacted the authorities instead.

They came and seized the floating sarcophagus, but still don’t know the identity of the male victim who had been interred within it.

An autopsy is expected to begin today in hopes of determining exactly how he died, but IDing him through DNA testing with require more time.

Whoever the dead man is, though, his death was clearly “not a suicide or an accident” because the lid of his unusual coffin had been screwed on tight.

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