Where should we bury bodies of terrorists?

Dec 7, 2015

France is just one of a number of countries now grappling with a moral and morbid new dilemma: 

Where should we bury the bodies of terrorists?

In the case of the Paris attackers, many blew themselves up with suicide vests after storming a handful of crowded venues and gunning down hundreds of ‘soft targets’ there.

That makes these particular mass murderers not only ignominious, but their remains difficult to collect and identify.

It’s long been the custom for families of executed serial killers to anonymously inter the remains of their notorious relatives in undisclosed locations, so those burial places won’t be vandalized.

But, as French officials can confirm, the loved ones of jihadists and similar criminals don’t always ask for those bodies to be returned to them, and sometimes such killers are also foreign-born.

What becomes of their unclaimed corpses -- or body parts -- then falls to public officials to decide.

Should they just send such murderous miscreants back to their people or country of origin, or risk burying them on their own lands and creating terror shrines?

Eponymous Rox




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