Missing Bro of TV Star Kristin Cavallari Led a Troubled Life (pics)

Dec 9, 2015

Sources claim the illustrious Cavallari family delayed reporting their black sheep, Michael, missing last month so his disappearance wouldn’t mar their reputation. 

Missing Bro of Reality Star Kristin Cavallari Led a Troubled Life (pics)

Michael Cavallari is the brother of TV reality star Kristin Cavallari and the brother-in-law of NFL quarterback Jay Cutler.

He is also the “jobless” son of a wealthy San Clemente real-estate developer, with whom he lived for years before being “kicked out” just prior to his disappearance over the holidays.

His mildly-wrecked Honda Civic was found abandoned on a dirt road off Highway 70 in Utah on November 27, 2015.

However, the Cavallari clan allegedly didn’t want his missing persons case broadcast, lest the 30-year-old’s extremely troubled background also be made public and negatively impact their careers.

Michael Cavallari MISSING

The scandalous past they were hoping to keep secret includes drug and alcohol problems, as well as “paranoid behavior” and numerous run-ins with his parents, their tenants, and the law.

In fact, just days before he vanished in the Utah desert, “crazy” Michael Cavallari had been arrested for menacing an ex girlfriend at her home, in a domestic violence incident that involved a firearm.




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