Anti Abortionists Have a Scary New Spokesman (Like it or Not)

Dec 10, 2015

PHOTO: Colorado’s latest psychotic shooter Robert Dear is proud to be a “warrior for babies” and won’t let his evil public defender “silence” him about Planned Parenthood. 

Anti Abortionists Have a Scary New Spokesman (gunman Robert Dear)

The berserk 57-year-old mass murderer repeatedly disrupted court proceedings this week, even at one point yelling “I’m guilty” to the multiple homicide charges he’s been charged with.

On November 27th, Dear shot up a medical clinic in Colorado Springs, orchestrating an hours-long standoff there that ended with nine people wounded and three dead, including first responders.

The self-appointed anti abortionist *avenger* couldn’t stop bragging about that bloodbath in the courtroom on Wednesday, where he actually accused his own defense lawyer of being “in cahoots” with women’s healthcare providers.

For pro choice advocates, defendant Dear’s courtroom rants are proof positive that those rabidly opposed to a woman’s legal right to terminate her pregnancy are simply dangerous fanatics.

But for the oddly quiet anti choicers -- who’ve long been claiming to be peaceful “pro life” activists whilst instigating violence against women and doctors -- the barking mad gunman has become their poster boy now.

Like it or not.

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