The Monster of Monserrate Confesses to 16 Serial Killings (photo)

Dec 10, 2015

Columbian officials have a 37-year-old suspected serial-killer in custody dubbed the Monster of Monserrate. 

The Monster of Monserrate Confesses to 16 Serial Killings (photo)

Police there announced over the weekend that they’ve unearthed the bodies of 11 slain women so far, in a four-year long, drug-fueled murder spree thought to involve at least 16 females.

The ex engineer student-turned-addict they’re interrogating, Fredy Armando Valencia Vargas, has confessed to the string of murders and even led investigators to some buried human remains.

Only one of those corpses has since been identified though: That of 26-year-old Columbian national María del Pilar Rincón Muñoz.

According to a police spokesman, decomposition and dismemberment are two main obstacles hampering efforts to ID the other victims recovered from the same location that Muñoz’s body was found.

Valencia Vargas has also admitted to similarly killing another seven women “in self defense” within the Monserrate mountain region of Bogota, where he himself reportedly lived before being apprehended.

“I suffocated them by squeezing their neck,” he told reporters this week at a frenzied news conference, noting that he only did so because the victims refused to pay up for drugs with either money or sexual favors.

“It was self-defense because they attacked me to leave without paying. Everything I did, I did in self-defense.”

The densely forested area of Bogota that the accused Monserrate Monster used for his hunting and dumping grounds is one of Columbia’s most popular tourist attractions.

Forensic teams are continuing to scour it this week for more bodies.

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