Runaway train was tampered with by someone who knew what they were doing.

Dec 11, 2015

Investigators have indicated that yesterday’s runaway train, which took off for Boston from Braintree MA with riders onboard but no driver, was “tampered with.” 

They also said that whoever rigged the commuter Red Line to pull out and then speed past four station stops before MBTA officials could cut its power source “knew what they were doing.”

Passengers were frightened by their discovery of an empty conductor’s cab Thursday morning, although no one but the left-behind operator himself was actually harmed in the troubling incident.

At least one safety switch had to have been overridden to allow the train to operate driverless, a transit official has revealed.

In addition, a track mechanism may also have been compromised to effectuate the train’s continued getaway, but that device is still being examined.

State and federal transportation agencies have launched a joint probe of the matter. The FBI is reportedly awaiting their findings before taking action.



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