Beware of Flimflamming Delivery Men and Their Card-Skimming Scam (BBB alert)

Dec 13, 2015

The Better Business Bureau is issuing an alert this holiday season so no other consumers get taken in by bogus delivery men and the latest bank-card skimming scam. 

In this clever ruse, victims are phoned first that a gift package is on its way and, when the flimflammer shows up with it, are asked to pay a “verification fee” with a “valid” debit or credit card first.

If a recipient hesitates, they’re assured the lavish gift “contains alcohol” which means that a credit card is “legally required” before it can be left at the doorstep.

There isn’t any way to independently confirm in advance that this unexpected *gift* is legit, of course, since the sender’s name and written greeting is always missing and “will arrive soon in the mail.”

According to the BBB, the verification charge is also intentionally small to further encourage unwitting recipients to permit fake delivery men to scan their banking info with illegal card skimmers.

It’s only when they later open the bogus presents and find that their accounts have been drained -- and/or identities stolen -- that they realize they’d been scammed.

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