Bill Cosby Slaps Rape Accusers with Defamation Suits (wiki pic)

Dec 15, 2015

Accused serial rapist Bill Cosby has slapped his victims with countersuits yesterday, claiming they’ve ruined his “honorable” reputation and career. 

Bill Cosby (wiki pic)

The elderly entertainer faces a bevy of lawsuits from female plaintiffs now; all claiming he lured, doped and sexually assaulted them when they were aspiring young models and actresses.

About four-dozen such women have actually come forward this year, each describing a similar sex attack they endured during a crime spree that Cosby first launched when he himself was a young celebrity.

Due to the amount of time that’s lapsed since those alleged rapes took place -- and the applicable statute of limitations which protect him from criminal prosecution -- the controversy is playing out in the civil courts instead.

The credible tale his many accusers tell, however, has thoroughly disgraced Bill Cosby; leaving him a pariah performer with long-planned projects abruptly shelved and his carefully-carved legacy in shambles.

It’s that unexpected fall from grace and forced retirement from television and stage that finally prompted Defendant Cosby to slap back at his victims, his lawyers claimed in yesterday’s legal filing.

They’re seeking an unspecified award for the “defamation” and “emotional distress” the women inflicted on the formerly-adored comedian when speaking up about his “multi-decade-old purported sexual misconduct” solely “to extract financial gain from him.”

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