BREAKING: Bomb Threats That Caused Massive LA School Closures Came from Frankfurt - Germany

Dec 15, 2015

BREAKING: Sources say the electronic bomb threats that caused the entire Los Angeles school system to suddenly cancel classes today originated from the heart of Germany. 

Massive searches are now underway throughout California’ affected school district to determine whether in fact any explosives were actually planted “in backpacks” and “packages,” a spokesman for the LAPD has confirmed.

In the meantime, New York officials just disclosed that some of their grade-school students likewise received the same explicit bomb threats this morning, sent via email and/or text messages from a Frankfurt Germany IP address.

Those were all promptly dismissed, however, after investigators decided they were “ hoaxes.”

The Los Angeles Unified School District serves over 700,000 students at nearly 1000 public and chartered campuses, making it America’s second-largest school system.

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