UN Persecuted Whistleblower Instead of Its Pedophile Peacekeepers - Africa

Dec 18, 2015

An independent probe has revealed that UN officials refused to take action when a whistleblower told them that pedophile peacekeepers were sexually exploiting African refugee children. 

“The end result was a gross institutional failure to respond to the allegations in a meaningful way,” those investigators angrily disclosed yesterday.

Even more offensive, UN heads passed the conscientious aid-worker’s abuse reports from “desk to desk and inbox to inbox” for over a year; during which time they scrutinized the whistleblower instead of the sex offenders.

Records show they were also instrumental in firing the worker, after he persisted in filing complaints about UN-supervised soldiers trading rations for sex from poor kids as young as six years of age.

At least ten such victims living in a United Nations refugee center near Bangui Airport also testified that they were routinely forced to perform sex acts on camp guards in exchange for food and water.

Scores of French peacekeeper pedophiles and their African counterparts are now implicated in the gross exploitation of hungry, homeless children displaced by secular violence from 2013 through 2014.

UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon finally addressed the sex scandal on Thursday, apologizing for his agency’s indifference to the children’s plight and vowing to take belated action against all of the perpetrators:

“The report depicts a United Nations that failed to respond meaningfully when faced with information about reprehensible crimes against vulnerable children,” Ban Ki-moon conceded in a written statement.

“I express my profound regret that these children were betrayed by the very people sent to protect them.”





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