Grim pileup at San Bernardino county morgue (thousands of unclaimed corpses)

Dec 23, 2015

ALERT: San Bernardino officials need the public to be vigilant this holiday season, in case any next of kin are notably missing from family gatherings. 

If so, there’s a very grim chance they might be one of the thousands of unclaimed corpses presently piling up at the county morgue.

The San Bernardino coroner’s office has just provided the particulars of hoards of deceased individuals whose remains are languishing at their facilities because relatives or friends couldn’t be reached.

It’s estimated that about 2,830 such bodies are currently on ice there waiting to be retrieved for burial or cremation.

So, if someone you know hasn’t come home for the holidays, and their absence is unusual, it might be wise to peruse San Bernardino’s online death-roll right now.


Missing Found Dead Alert


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