Probe of Canine Massacre Launched in Little Rock - Arkansas

Dec 23, 2015

Arkansas officials want to know who poisoned and shot to death dozens of dogs in a densely wooded area north of Little Rock. 

A crew of loggers came across the carnage over the weekend and counted about 30 victims in the gruesome heap.

Officers were called in but immediately contacted investigators from the Humane Society to join their inquest, after 27 more slain canines were discovered close by.

Autopsies revealed the “healthy” mutts had been fed hotdogs laced with sleeping pills just prior to being shot in the woods where days later they were found dead or dying.

All had been “well taken care of,” before being mass murdered, a spokesperson for the Searcy County Humane Society has confirmed; adding that many sets of victims were clearly from the same litters.

She also said her agency was required to euthanize five survivors of the canine massacre because they were suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

By Monday morning, at least three more dogs were discovered fearfully lurking near the area where the bodies of their murdered mates had been left to rot by a still-unidentified gunman.

They are said to be recovering from their injuries and/or psychological trauma.


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