Reward Offered in Arkansas Dog Massacre (photo)

Dec 27, 2015

Police and animal protection agencies investigating the Arkansas dog massacre last week are offering a big reward for info leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer or killers. 

Reward Offered in Arkansas Dog Massacre (photos)

Nearly 60 canines were cruelly shot to death in a forest near Little Rock, after first being fed sleeping pills.

Days later, some lumberjacks came across their carcasses and contacted police, who then brought in Searcy County’s Humane Society to aid in the mass murder probe.

So far, $8000 has been raised for the public’s help in solving what has been characterized as the “most brutal” and “horrific large-scale cruelty case” on record in Arkansas.

“This grisly and heinous act of violence against these poor dogs is extremely disturbing,” an official statement released over the holidays read. “Especially considering that the connection between animal cruelty and human violence is well documented.”

Many of the canine victims were apparently related to each other, and all were deemed at autopsy to have been well nourished and healthy, prior to being massacred.

“This was a merciless attack on trusting and loving dogs,” another animal rights league said in their written release last week. “Someone knows who did this. We urge people with any information that could be linked to come forward.”

Less than a handful of the gunned down dogs survived the assault, though only one of those isn’t acting severely traumatized now.




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