Shenzhen Landslide: Official Leaps to his Drowning Death - China

Dec 28, 2015

A Chinese official distraught over the deadly Shenzhen landslide last week -- and his own fate as a result -- has drowned himself at the scene of the devastation. 

Police said the bureaucrat was once in charge of the dump site, which fatally collapsed under stress on December 20th, destroying nearly three-dozen buildings in the process.

The massive manmade disaster has left scores of people injured, dead or missing and is still under investigation, as the Chinese government continues to detain those believed to be responsible for its mismanagement.

The former director of the waste operation, who leapt to his drowning death onsite while inspecting the damages Sunday night, hadn’t been charged with any wrongdoing, but clearly expected to be.

The penalty in China for such public malfeasance, especially when the acts committed or omitted prove fatal to innocent bystanders, is often death itself.

The drowned official who oversaw the mountainous Shenzhen landfill, until retiring from that post last summer, hasn’t been identified yet.

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