Over 1000 Raving Teens Flash Mob Shopping Mall in Louisville - Kentucky

Dec 29, 2015

Almost 2000 raving teenagers flash mobbed a Louisville Kentucky mall over the weekend, halting business there with deliberate acts of mayhem. 

The pandemonium broke out early Saturday evening, despite a heightened security presence at the shopping center for the holidays.

By 7:00 p.m., dozens of 911 complaints had been made from inside the complex, as a 1000+ juveniles loitered in stores, screamed threats and slurs at merchants, customers and each other, and even started fist-fighting.

More than 50 local officers responded to the weird emergency, but calls continued “to mount” as it became apparent to those trapped in all the chaos that the situation couldn’t be brought under control without more help.

Spectators said the raving teenagers refused to obey the first wave of cops that arrived, and began accosting them as well, forcing those officers to request additional backup from other law enforcement agencies in the region.

No arrests were made though, since “the focus” was to scatter the flash mob and “restore order,” a spokesman for the St. Matthews Police Department later told reporters.

Unfortunately, law and order was only achieved by closing down the entire shopping center, he added. It reopened the next day per usual and “without incident.”

Eponymous Rox
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