Odd Drive-By Shooting Rampage Leaves Trail of Victims in CA

Sep 28, 2015

An odd drive-by shooting rampage in a quiet California community near Interstate-10 over the weekend has left a trail of motorists injured or slain. 

The incident began in the town of Banning around noontime when “a man in a white SUV” opened fire on another vehicle for no apparent reason.

Whatever the shooter’s issue was, he killed the driver instantly and seriously wounded a passenger before speeding off.

Minutes later, the same gunman took aim at a second car, this time missing the driver but still harming her when shards of shattered glass sprayed her face and arms.

The suspect then proceeded to pull into a convenient store and haphazardly parked. There, he assaulted a customer with his bare hands and a some kind of “blunt” weapon before, once again, fleeing the scene in his white SUV.

Shortly after that unprovoked attack, patrolmen came upon the body of yet another motorist further down the road. That victim too had just died in gunfire and crashed his vehicle as a result.

Then, at about 12:30 p.m., a man matching the drive-by shooter’s description banged on a car that had women and children in it, causing minor damage to the automobile but leaving its frightened occupants unharmed.

Soon thereafter, officers were fairly certain they had taken the suspect into custody … until they received a call about a different armed male in a white SUV threatening employees and patrons at a local gas station.

The second suspect has also been arrested, although investigators don’t believe his crime was related to the first man’s deadly shooting rampage -- the motive for which is still being probed today.

“At this point, it seems like it's random,” a police spokesman announced at yesterday’s news conference. “There is no correlation between the victims and the suspect at this point,” he said, adding that “this isn't something that happens in small towns like Banning.”

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