Oops - Kidnap Caper Was DUMB but Not a Hoax Admit Cops in CA

Jul 14, 2015

Cali cops admit a curious kidnap caper was dumb but not a hoax after all, although they still haven’t actually apologized for insulting the woman who was inexpertly abducted. 

Late in March this year Denise Huskins and her boyfriend Aaron Quinn awoke to a bizarre home invasion in which both were blindfolded, gagged, drugged and otherwise terrorized by a seeming bungling crew of robbers.

Then Huskins was taken from the house and held in a days’ long ransom attempt that, happily, resulted in her unharmed release and a sorry note from her abductors.

But from the moment the victim’s mate reported the strange event to authorities, they’ve each been the subject of police suspicion and public ridicule ever since.

In fact, California officials even told reporters that “the kidnapping was a hoax.”

This week though, state and federal officers are changing their tune considerably, now that a rather deranged ex ivy-leaguer and failed attorney has been arrested for a similar kidnap attempt, and the loony turned out to be their man.

Matt Muller: Mastermind or mental case?

Suspect Matthew Muller, 38 of Orangevale CA, had apparently tried the same ridiculous scheme with even worse results on a San Francisco area couple. And, odder still, has been stupidly bragging about his *criminal prowess* in anonymous essay-length emails to the press.

Each of the wannabe mastermind’s not-so-ingenious crimes allegedly involved squirt guns, super soakers and swim goggles. Items which, in combination with Muller’s other foolish ploys, failed to produce the results he had intended.

The ludicrous nature of his actions, however, and how they were initially perceived by doubting investigators, has had a deleterious effect on the lives of at least two of his victims…

Smeared by police who publicly insisted her kidnapping was “faked” and her boyfriend was “lying,” Denise Huskins and her equally defamed partner have retained a lawyer to pursue the apology that thus far has not been offered them.

In fact, even her bungling abductor himself has been demanding police say they’re sorry for insulting one of his victims, in all of his crazy writings.

Matt Muller suffers from significant, ongoing and at times debilitating mental health issues,” his lawyer informed reporters this week. “We will determine how those issues may bear on his defense to kidnapping in federal court.”



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