Pennsylvania Chainsaw Murders

Apr 2, 2015

Philly’s chainsaw murders of a husband and wife this week were actually a homicide and suicide, committed while their kids were out visiting with friends or neighbors. 

When the victims' teenage son came home hours later and took in the garish sight of his parents' mutilated bodies, he phoned 911 to report that his father and mother appeared to have been slashed to death with a power tool.

Police arrived at the suburban home of Nicole and Christopher Peppelman to investigate and determined that the chopped couple had been involved in yet another domestic brawl which, this time, ended up lethal for both of them.

Apparently the affluent but unhappy twosome had been quarreling a lot lately, and the husband, a construction contractor, tragically went off the deep end in order to have the last word.

The coroner’s report of his over-the-top crime reads just like a bad horror script, with “gaping, sharp force injury of the abdomen, [stabbing] and throttling of the neck” listed as the chief cause and manner of his spouse’s horrific death.

Immediately following that vicious attack on her, Peppelman is said to have turned the machine on himself too, quickly bleeding to death from self inflicted wounds to his own legs and abdomen.

Records show the Peppelman’s were married for approximately two decades and were only recently experiencing some significant “marital difficulties.”

None of their three children were around at the time the chainsaw murders were perpetrated.


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