Rape Murder Mutilation Cannibalism (Indiana)

May 6, 2015

An Indiana man charged with rape, murder, mutilation, cannibalism and other related charges confessed to police that after he’d slain his girlfriend he ate her brain, heart and lungs. 

But now 34-year-old cannibal Joseph Oberhansley insists, “there’s a lot of lies and deception going on here,” alluding to … who knows what.

A motive for the brutal attack on his lover is equally incomprehensible, but whatever the explanation might be, the gruesome crime he committed could see the obviously deranged defendant executed one day.

Last autumn, Oberhansley broke into the home of his 46-year-old lover, Tammy Jo Blanton, and viciously assaulted her, dismembering and devouring parts of Blanton’s body before being apprehended.

He’ll now face a capital murder trial, slated for August 2016, for rape, murder, mutilation, cannibalism, and abuse of a corpse, among other unsavory things.

In the meantime, Joseph Oberhansley festers in solitary confinement, which, to be sure, isn’t going to improve his mental health.


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