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Wilfred "Willie Boy" Johnson

Wilfred "Willie Boy" Johnson

For 15 years "Willie Boy" Johnson ratted out his mentor John Gotti and other major New York crime family figures to save his own skin and got away with it. And then an assistant U.S. attorney, in a turf battle with the FBI, deliberately blew his cover – and his chances for staying alive.

by Allan May

Wilfred "Willie Boy" Johnson was a mob guy that other wise guys loved to have around. He was a "gofer" who would do anything he was told in order to curry favor with the men he idolized. By the time he was in his mid-40s, his allegiance had already cost him 18 years in prison for assault, robbery, and murder. A long-time friend of John Gotti, Johnson served the Dapper Don in many capacities including driver, bodyguard, and gunman.

Willie Boy would come to have another moniker that Gotti didn't know about. To the FBI he was "Wahoo," a star mob informant with impeccable information.

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