Royals to Reporters: We Are Not Amused (stop bugging Prince George)

Aug 15, 2015

British royals are not amused with the antics of prying reporters and paparazzi to get photos of Prince George and have therefore issued an appeal for the nonsense to stop. 

In a sharply disapproving statement released yesterday to the press, representatives speaking on behalf of the royal family complained about and strongly condemned some of the following heartless tactics:

1. Using long range lenses to capture images of the Duchess playing with Prince George in a number of private parks;
2. Monitoring the movements of Prince George and his nanny around London parks and the movements of other household staff;
3. Photographing the children of private individuals visiting the Duke and Duchess's home;
4. Pursuing cars leaving family homes;
5. Employing other children to draw Prince George into view around playgrounds;
6. Hiding on private property in fields and woodland locations around the Duke and Duchess's home in Norfolk;
7. Hiding within sand dunes on a rural beach to take photos of Prince George playing with his grandmother;
8. Placing strategic locations near the Middleton family home in Berkshire under steady surveillance.

Kensington Palace additionally noted that, while many media outlets are striving to avoid a repeat tragedy like that of the late and horribly harassed Princess Di, some are going to “extreme” means for stories and pics of the little Prince, regardless.

Sadly, the royal family also felt it necessary to remind devious photographers and newshounds that the toddler boy they’re relentlessly harassing is just 2-years-old after all, and “deserves a safe, happy, and private childhood.”

Bugging anyone is wrong, of course, but in the case of young George -- who never got to meet his grandmother because paparazzi let her bleed to death after causing the car she was a passenger in to crash -- such behavior borders on criminal.

“A line has been crossed and any further escalation in tactics would represent a very real security risk,” warned the Palace’s communications secretary, Jason Knauf.

Knauf went on to further suggest that tragedy could befall the offenders themselves if their invasive techniques should ever be mistaken as an actual threat to Prince George, his sister Princess Charlotte, or anyone else with ties to the royal family.

Download and read their urgent missive here.

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