Serial Freeway Shooter Feared in Colorado

Apr 25, 2015 - by Eponymous Rox

Colorado police fear they’ve got a serial freeway shooter on their hands now, after at least four traffic incidents involving gunfire occurred in Weld and Larimer counties. 

The most serious attack so far took place this past Wednesday when a female motorist cell phoned 911 from Interstate 25 to report she’d just been shot through the neck.

"I'm on the highway right now,” she told the dispatcher, “Somebody just hit me and I'm bleeding from my neck and I'm scared."

In the 911 recording, the operator can be heard instructing the victim to place a dry, clean cloth on the injury, to which she replies, "I'm trying, but it's on both sides of my neck ... I'm just scared."

Apparently the bullet had entered the left side of her throat and exited out the right, but the 20-year-old miraculously survived her life-threatening wounds after undergoing surgery.

Investigators believe the incident was random, but may be related to three other similar events in which the drivers narrowly escaped being harmed themselves.

In fact, later that same night a man who was driving on I-25 had his rear window blasted out by gunfire, and the next day another male motorist’s driver-side window was likewise shattered in the same area.

Just a day before those three identical attacks took place, deputies transporting prisoners from one jail to another were shot at while traveling on the interstate. The unknown shooter’s bullet once again destroying a window, but leaving the vehicle’s occupants uninjured.

Police also say an abandoned truck with a blown-out back window was recently discovered along I-25, too, but they haven’t determined yet whether there’s any connection.

Although it’s too soon to know for certain if all of these incidents are the handiwork of just one gunman, or who the suspected serial freeway shooter or shooters may be, Colorado authorities are warning citizens using the interstate to be alert, and to report any suspicious activities.


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