Severed Legs Found at New Haven Train Station [and at least one arm]

Jul 16, 2015

A pair of severed legs and “at least one arm” have been found rotting at a train station in New Haven Connecticut yesterday. and authorities aren’t even sure if they belong to the same victim. 

The grisly find in a patch of overgrowth near the train tracks was made by a passerby who at first didn’t think the human limbs could be real, he said.

But they are, confirm detectives now working the crime scene; although, due to advanced decomposition, it hasn’t been determined yet whether the body parts belong to a man or woman, nor what race and age the individual may be either.

"We have brought in cadaver dogs as part of the investigation and are collecting soil samples from the thick foliage where the body parts were found," a police spokesman informed reporters last night.

Investigators are also poring over national missing-persons databases for clues, but that too hasn’t provided any quick answers.

In fact, the only thing police do seem sure about at the moment is that the limbs weren’t severed on the rails.

“We do not think it’s a train accident,” they’ve stated. “Not at this point.”


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